Republic Solid Round Lead Anodes

Solid round anodes are the prevailing choice of Republic’s customers and represent the “top of the line” in quality and service. Many plating operations have converted from rectangular ribbed or flat anodes to solid round anodes. There are several reasons for the switch.

The first is that the flat ribbed anode has an inactive back side and throws current only from the edges and face of the anode. The round anode, however, has an electrically active surface around its entire circumference. Thus, less voltage is required to carry a given current and higher amperage can be carried without excessive heating. One chromium plater in Detroit, for example, has actualized nearly 20% in voltage reductions by switching from rectangular anodes to Republic solid round anodes.

In addition to saving on energy output, round anodes eliminate “dead spots” of no electrical current. The lack of these “dead spots” prevents the build up of lead chromate which destroys the life span of the anodes. Fewer “dead spots” also means less downtime for cleaning. Finally, round anodes are available in standard 1.5" and 2" diameters. They can be extruded from any of Republic’s quality alloy materials and combined with a large variety of hooks. Specialty sizes and alloys are available on request.


When plating demands require anodes with greater surface area, Republic’s ribbed or ripple anodes are the answer. Both types of anode increase surface area by providing more throwing edges for the electrical current. The ribbed anode has approximately 40 throwing edges and provides approximately 45% more surface area than a smooth anode. The ripple anode provides approximately 9% more surface area than a smooth anode and requires considerably less maintenance or cleaning than the ribbed anode.

Republic ribbed or ripple anodes are available in 1.5" and 2" diameter and in two styles - solid and hollow. Our wall thickness’ are greater than other makes of hollow anodes thus providing more lead and a longer service life. The hollow anodes can also be quoted with copper or steel cores.

In addition to all this, round ribbed or ripple anodes can be furnished at considerable savings over smooth anodes. The result? Higher plating efficiency with greater speed and reduced current requirements.

As the plating industry continues to grow and change, new designs and techniques are essential in lead anodes and related products. Whether the need is for conforming anodes, lead coils, lead lined tanks or a new idea in design, Republic has years of experience in fitting the right product to the right process. Skilled workmen take pride in producing all types of unique anodes.

Illustrated below are some of the specialty products we have provided in internal and external plating anodes. A wide variety of sizes are available using our 1/4" or 3/8" thick grid material which is available in all alloys.

Republic welcomes all inquiries for conforming work.